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I have been seeing Dr. Chao for a number of years for all my dental needs.  So when he told me he was opening a location in Irvine I was pretty happy since it is closer to home and work for me than his office in Orange. The office is brand new and very nice.  It's warm and inviting on the inside, so you don't get the cold nervous feeling of going to the dentist. All the equipment is brand new and state of the art.  When I went in for my checkup recently, he used the x-ray machine that does a pass around your head.  No more choking on the plastic that other dentists stick in your mouth that make you gag.  Major plus! Dr. Chao is very good at explaining in detail the work he is going to perform.  I had a root canal peformed by him previously.  He explained all the things he was doing and completed it in quick fashion with minimal discomfort.

~ Archie T.



My dental visit with Dr. Chao was great! He was able to accommodate me in short notice. The high tech panoramic x-ray was so painless compared to the conventional x-ray, plus it was so accurate when he presented it to me on the big screen. He was also very thorough during the cleaning, plus I was even flossed afterwards. Great dentist, equipment and most importantly SERVICE!

~ Arthur O. 



While on travel to Irvine for work, I went to see Dr. Chao on a friend's referral. I had chipped a tooth while eating wings and wanted to get that fixed before returning home. The office was fairly easy to find and parking wasn't an issue. As I walked into the office, my usual nerves kicked in. I'm not a fan of dental work. The waiting area was fairly standard (let's try to make it less intimidating since you're about to get the drill), the available wifi allowed me to get some work done and keep my mind occupied.

My name was called and I was escorted to the exam area. Dr. Chao's assistant (sorry, don't remember her name) was very pleasant and could tell I was uneasy. She reassured me that Dr. Chao would take great care of me. After a quick look at the damage, Dr. Chao and I discussed my options for tooth repair. Since I was out of town and short on time, I asked for whatever would be quickest. Dr. Chao was very understanding of my situation and got to work right away. The whole time he cleaned, sanded, filled, and polished, he kept me informed about what he was doing and what to expect next. He was also very honest about when something could become uncomfortable and did his best to minimize the discomfort. All of this helped me to remain very calm during the visit. When all was done, my tooth looked great and I wasn't traumatized by the visit. Quite the opposite. Unfortunately, I don't live in the area. If I did, I would be a return customer. Thanks for the help, Dr. Chao!!

~ Paul C.



Very modern looking office, plenty of awesome technology, and a friendly, customer-focused staff. I went to see Dr. Chao while visiting California on a recommendation in the past (Chapman Dental). Since then, I have scheduled my dental work around trips to the Orange County area. Dr. Chao is patient, and he listens well. He does his best to keep the patients as comfortable as possible, while providing top-notch dental work. The X-Ray machine is new, and very cool! With new technology, the images of your teeth not only come out quickly, but are very clear. Dr. Chao and his staff are also very good with children. They did their best to show my child how everything worked. There are some wonderful personal touches in the office as well. Ask him about some of the photos you see hanging on the walls!

Here's the bottom line... does anyone really "enjoy" going to see a dentist? At best, you find out that the status quo is good. It's not really good news, just news. At the worst, shots, drills, and tools which resemble medieval torture devices are laid out to make you crap your pants. Dr. Chao and his staff do a great job providing a comfortable, professional environment. He does wonderful work, and in my humble opinion, a very trustworthy and dependable dentist.

~ Pete C.


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